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“Cryptocurrencies form a vital part of any sound financial strategy.”

– Paul James Lee- Cryptocurrency Writer, Investor and Coach.

Why are cryptocurrencies important?

Cryptocurrencies are the world’s first “sound money” which cannot be inflated. All other monetary systems are constantly devalued through inflation.

Dollars burning in a trash can.

Inflated currencies lose their value.

Should You Invest In Crypto?

I won’t tell you whether you should or shouldn’t, but what I can do is give you enough information to help you make up your own mind, and then if you’re willing, help you to take the first steps to building truly independent wealth.

Question: What’s the best way to start investing in cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin in the flesh

Answer: With Bitcoin.

Why? Simply put: Everything starts here; Bitcoin is the most reliable and trusted cryptocurrency, and no portfolio should be without at least some. Over the years I’ve seen many people tricked into buying cryptocurrencies they don’t understand- “too-good-to-miss-opportunities” that generally don’t work out well.

Start Simple.

Before putting your hard-earned money into any investment idea, it needs to have gained your trust; You look at a stock’s track record to see whether an investment is reasonable or not. Bitcoin as the original cryptocurrency has been successfully running non-stop (literally) since 2009 and today is rightly considered the “gold standard” of crypto.

Shouldn’t I also invest in other cryptocurrencies?

There are other interesting and high-quality cryptos that are certainly worth looking into; However I would suggest learning to walk before learning to run.

In my hard-won experience, I’ve found that the best approach for any new crypto investor is to initially buy and hold the most tried and trusted cryptocurrency in existence.

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