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Beginner To Winner

Create Your Own Cryptocurrency Vault

Logo: "Beginner to Winner- Cryptocurrency Investment Done Right."

What’s in this course?

Duration: 4 Weeks | 8 Modules | 20 Hours

8 Zoom Sessions incl. Questions & Answers | Downloads & Bonuses | Exclusive Newsletter


Open Your First Bitcoin Bank

Here you’ll learn all about Bitcoin Wallets: How to create, store and send Bitcoin so that you have full control of storage and transactions. You’ll set up your first live Bitcoin wallet in minutes and find out how easy it is. You’ll start to think instinctively about security so that you have the ability to protect your digital currency. We’ll examine the cryptocurrency markets together to open your eyes to the vast world of cryptos. Learn positives to look for and the negatives to avoid in order so that you can develop your inner “sixth sense”. Join our Facebook Group & exclusive “Beginner To Winner” Telegram Group.


Open Your First Cryptocurrency Exchange

In this session you’ll learn all about cryptocurrency exchanges: You’ll download your mobile wallet and create your first Secure Vault to realise how quick and easy it is to transfer between cryptocurrencies for investing, trading and sending to your external wallets. You’ll learn the first principles of security so that you’ll know how to avoid loss through error or theft. You’ll learn the simple steps to securely track your investments and store your precious Keys in order to avoid any “Doh!” moments in the future.


Pressing the Right Buttons

You’ll explore different kinds of cryptocurrency projects, so that you’ll further understand the purposes for each type of currency. You’ll be introduced to Decentralised Finance for the first time, enabling you to earn crypto using your crypto!  You’ll be guided through our “safety check” tools that further enhance your experience of a safe and secure crypto environment. I’ll introduce you to the Map of the Cryptoverse which will enhance your overall understanding of the various categories of coins.


Your Old Bank Meets Your New Bank

You’ll learn how cryptocurrencies link back to “real” (old fashioned) cash so that you’ll understand how cryptos work just like any other kind of money. I’ll help you to link your crypto exchange to a cash-out service that pays into your hand or into your bank account, thereby making you feel “at home” with crypto. You’ll experience crypto transactions in real-time and learn how to monitor transactions and wallet balances, so that you’ll gain more confidence in crypto processes. You’ll learn where to check transaction fees so that you can minimise costs and keep more of your precious cryptocurrency. Gain understanding of Non Fungible Tokens or NFTs that empower you to gain ownership of digital and real-world assets and thereby benefit from business and investment opportunities.


10 Golden Rules Of Successful Crypto Investment Part 1 

The first part of my 2 Part investment masterclass will create the right conditions for you to maximise your cryptocurrency wealth. You’ll find the principles that have helped myself and many others to benefit enormously from investing. You’ll not only learn about crypto investing but also about investment in general. You’ll know how to find trustworthy information that will benefit you far into the future. You’ll explore your risk profile in order to find the right balance between your comfort levels and your excitement. You’ll be streets ahead of most new investors when you understand the basic pitfalls to avoid.


10 Golden Rules Of Successful Crypto Investment Part 2

In this session you’ll explore further strategies to enhance your safety profile to bring you extra peace of mind. 


Pressing the Right Buttons


Your Old Bank Meets Your New Bank

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Special Offer $347.00 USDPrice $497.00 USD

In Addition, after course completion you get-

  • Three performance reviews of your cryptocurrency portfolio (Worth $500)

  • 6 months access to my premium cryptocurrency newsletter (Worth $75)

  • Premium bonus videos and features (Worth $150)

Take few simple actions today that could alter your personal fortune forever

Dozens of my clients have seen their investments grow to between 400% and 1000% through self-custody.

What’s my track record since I started assisting others in 2017? 


My clients own their banks.

Why would you want to own a bank? If your money is in a bank that you don’t own, then it’s not actually your money- It’s an allowance.

  • Think of the Cyprus Banking Crisis of 2013 when privately owned money was confiscated by the Government, demonstrating just how vulnerable bank accounts are.. 
  • Look at Canada in 2022 where bank accounts are being shut down by banks ordered by the Government. They have been given immunity to prosecution.

When you own your bank then you truly own what’s in it. Big difference!

A cryptocurrency wallet is essentially a bank- It stores your money and it’s completely independent. Cryptocurrencies are faster, more efficient and more secure than any type of money previously conceived. Transactions between individuals take place without the need for a bank or intermediary. It’s like having a gold vault in your pocket- except more secure.

This course is for you if…

you’re courageous enough to try something new, despite all the “good” reasons for not doing so. Is cryptocurrency investment risky? Of course it is, but that’s also the reason it’s such a valuable investment. As the old saying goes- “Fortune favours the brave.

This course is not for you if…

….you’re looking to make a fast buck. Good investing requires a good attitude.

“Pain-free” money-making schemes generally don’t turn out to be pain-free. They’re usually quite the opposite.

Plus here are just some of the added features you can expect from pauljameslee.com

Features will include (but aren’t just limited to) the following:


I write about the broader issues affecting cryptocurrency markets, gossip, intrigue and- as always-many thoughtful illustrations.


I report on the major events happening in crypto that you need to know about. As always, delivered with humor and subltety.


I’ll provide some must-have resources that you won’t find anywhere else. Offers, downloads, links and more.


I’ll be providing many interesting commentaries on the world of cryptocurrencies: The good guys the bad guys and the downright central banker guys.


Coming Soon!


Each month I’ll host at least one if not two live events to be announced. Stay tuned!

Why are cryptocurrencies so valuable?

Cryptocurrencies possess all the attributes of sound money:

  • Rarity (There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin minted, though an estimated 5 million have already been lost forever.)
  • Fungibility (The ability to divide into small pieces),
  • Portability
  • Transferability
  • Permanence

Investment thought leaders such as Tim Draper, Marc Andreesen and Michael Saylor see cryptocurrencies as permanent stores of wealth. Countless numbers of technical and financial wizards are of the same opinion: Cryptos are here to stay, and they are only going to grow in value. The legacy system is creaking at the seams and the connection with gold was removed more than 50 years ago. All the signs are that the legacy monetary system is on life support.


Wall Street is just beginning to load up on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as brokers see the astronomical fees to be gained by providing access to cryptos for their clients. There are tens if not hundreds of billons of Dollars just waiting for the right moment to buy in. When they do the effect on Bitcoin’s price will be extraordinary.


The internet requires its own money: Credit card fraud is a massive drain on resources that the system is not designed to handle. The legacy system has been grafted onto an infrastructure that pales in comparison to the reliability, speed and trustworthiness of blockchain.

It’s never too late to buy Bitcoin- Believe it or not it’s still cheap. There are other opportunities that have bigger potential upside. It’s always wise to rationally consider investment options.

Here’s what my customers say..

“Paul was immensely helpful”

“Paul’s technical knowledge and willingness to support us was second to none. He was flexible and very easy to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him for any position at a technical or inter-personal level.”

Jerry Sweeney, CIX Cork

“First-class instruction”

“Paul was extremely responsive to our requirements and provided no-frills guidance. He set us up for success and we haven’t looked back since.”

Stephen McKay, Careplus Ireland.

What You Get

You’ll learn about the essential features of a new payment technology that will benefit you for the rest of your life. 

You’ll get in on the ground floor of a technology I call “The most important technological advance in man’s development since gold was adopted more than 5,000 years ago.”- and you’ll reap the benefits of it’s growth in value.

My guarantee is as good as Bitcoin.

More reliable than the European Central Bank.

As prudent and sensible as a Dutch Mercantile couple.

My Guarantee

Almost nothing in life that’s worth doing comes with a guarantee that you simply can’t lose. But that’s what this guarantee is. It’s my personal guarantee that, even if this is new to you, even if this is out of your comfort zone, that you WILL be able to operate your own crypto exchange account within the 4 week session (accounting for gaps due to holidays), or I’ll PayPal you the course fee back. Naturally, this guarantee does come with a few responsibilities. You have to commit to taking action on the material we present to you and engage with our Question and Answer sessions. If you put your trust in me I want you to feel totally confident that I’m not going to let you down. I value my reputation even more than I value cryptos! If that sounds fair, then you can feel confident to invest knowing that you’re fully, totally, 100% protected. Terms and conditions do apply.*

100% Money Back Guarantee for 30-Days

Purchase With Confidence…It’s Risk Free!
If, for any reason, you don’t like my course, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch and I’ll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

John Costello, Site Engineer, Vodafone Dublin.

Padraig Murphy, Logistics Dell, Cork

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Bitcoin could be the most important investment you’ve ever made: You now have a chance to own your bank.

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