Are you curious about cryptocurrency investment?

..but suffer from doubt which means that you miss out on gains like Bitcoin 350% in 2020 or 200% in 2021?

If so, then I have a challenge for you…

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to build your own cryptocurrency Bank that only you control so that you can have complete control of your money for the very first time, and have ownership of an asset that has outperformed any in history- rocketing from fractions of a penny in 2009 to today’s price of more than $20,000.

Imagine what it would be like to tell your children and grandchilden that you had the vision to create a bank of wealth that is generational? To be able to maintain or even dramatically increase the quality of your lifestyle and avoid the turbulence of hyperinflation into an uncertain future.

My name is Paul James Lee and I was first introduced to Bitcoin in 2011 when the price was $15. I then made my first investment in 2013. I’ve personally gone through a lot of ups and downs with my crypto investments over the years, though I never ever sold out.

I’ve had to ignore the naysayers and the crazy market turbulence since 2013. But by taking simple actions I’ve helped myself and dozens of others to make gains that range from 400% – 1200% in an 18 month period to 10,000% in nine years.

These are real people who’ve made real gains all without risking their current lifestyles.

I have a groundbreaking and unique cryptocurrency investment experience entitled “Beginner to Winner” which enables absolute beginners get started in buying and holding cryptocurrencies. I help you to secure your investment, and avoid the pitfalls that too many people suffer from.

I’ll be honest- I’ve made my own mistakes- But I’m here to ensure that you don’t do anything silly, and that your risk levels drop down to just about zero.

Is there a guarantee?

Now, nothing is ever absolutely guaranteed in life; however I absolutely guarantee that you will be able to operate your own crypto bank that is completely under your control- Or you get all your money back- with no questions asked.

The only thing I require for you to secure this guarantee is that you follow all the guidelines I’ll give you. That’s it.

So if you’re curious about cryptocurrency investment at all sign up to my course today- Places are limited, and the earlier you complete this course the more effective the investment you’ll make.

The difference between making X or 2X on your investment could be whether you get in right now- as in today- or some indeterminate time in the future- if it happens at all.

Just click on the button below to get started, and I’ll be delighted to give you all the help you need to begin your cryptocurrency investment journey which I’m confident you’ll look back upon and consider it as one of the wisest decisions you’ve ever made.

Thanks for watching and I really hope to see you there! This has been Paul James Lee- Cryptocurrency investment done right.


Buying and holding cryptocurrencies is easier than ever before, and the next three months (November 22 to Jan 23) is an excellent time to make a start on doing just that. Smart investors can see that the Bitcoin market has either “bottomed out” or is very near to doing so. Do you want to be on board when Bitcoin starts to hit the next growth phase?

How can you get on board?

The answer is simple: As a tried and trusted educator/ facilitator, I have helped dozens of newcomers obtain their very own Bitcoin/ Crypto accounts that only they control. My proteges have made gains of 400%, 800% and 1200% within 6 to 18 month periods.

I can help you to take the precise actions that they did. Of course there’s never a 100% guarantee with any investment, but when it comes to track records, then you need to take a look at this chart.

This is the Stock to Flow Ratio from Glassnode. It looks at the change in value of Bitcoin as the amount of new Bitcoin being minted is halved about every four years. That’s where the jumps come from.

19 million Bitcoin has been mined to date and it will take another 100 years to mine the remaining 2 million. At that point there will be no new Bitcoin, and that can never change due to Bitcoin’s consensus rules which are baked into it’s software and agreed upon by thousands of independent miners all around the world.

The stock to flow chart has predicted the rise in value of Bitcoin since 2013, and it has been extraordinarily accurate. This chart is “Logarithmic” which means that each step accounts for 10X the last one.

Can you see what’s predicted very soon for Bitcoin’s price? $100,000 to be precise. Again, I’m not saying that this is guaranteed, but I’m telling you what this chart is telling me.

So, how do I help people achieve their Bitcoin/ Crypto investment goals? My programme is called

“Beginner to Winner- Cryptocurrency Investment Done Right.”

This is a four week beginner course that contains a special one and a half hour Zoom presentation every week. You learn how to:

Set up your own cryptocurrency wallets (or crypto Bank Account in other words).

Understand how to look into your cryptocurrency Bank.

Set up your exchanges for buying and selling cryptos.

Manage your cryptos safely and securely.

Understand the difference between public and private transactions.

Understand why cryptocurrencies will become essential for modern day living.

Securely record your transactions.

Find out the latest trends in cryptocurrency investment and transactions.

Shop or donate using cryptocurrencies.

Send cryptos to your friends and family.

Ensure that your family are looked after if you’re no longer around.

Invest with focus and conviction. (This works for any investment class- Not just cryptocurrencies.)

You will also get TWO one-on one sessions with me personally to discuss your requirements and decide what investment strategy best suits you.

You get my special toolkit which contains:

Methods to securely record your transactions using a special template I designed.

My 10 Secrets for Successful Cryptocurrency Investors.

Quick and Easy Security Checklists.

Free 6 month access to my newsletter (Worth $75)

Access to charts and other resources that are essential to understanding how transactions work.

Why take this course?

Generally you have two options for investing in a new asset. The first is to do your own research and figure it out; The second is to find someone trustworthy to help you.

Let’s be honest- Most of us would prefer the second option. The questions is: Where do we find such a trustworthy person? So let’s say I’m calling myself trustworthy. How do you know you can trust me? Well for one thing, I help you to be completely independent from me.

I’ll help you to set up your very own bank where you’re not just an account holder- You also own the bank. It’s what’s known as “self-custody”. In reality there are only two forms of money: Precious metals and sound cryptocurrencies.

That paper in your pocket? It’s not actually money. It’s what’s known as “currency” and it’s not backed by anything other than a government promise that keeps changing every day.

And what about that “money” (currency) in your bank account? It’s legally not yours. It’s on loan from you to the bank- And the government or bank can confiscate it any time there’s an “emergency”.

How can you be sure I’m the right person to talk to about cryptocurrency investment?

I’ve met many cryptocurrency investors over the years, and they fall into two distinct categories; Those who have done well and those who have’nt; The difference between the two is the quality of information they started out with. That’s it.

Too many of us jump into investments without being properly informed. We’ve all done it at one time or another; But what if you have the opportunity to take guidance from a seasoned investor who knows his way around?

You can reduce your learning curve and costly mistakes by listening to someone who’s been there before.

What’s my track record?

I’ve helped dozens of people make significant percentage gains through my personalized cryptocurrency coaching, public speaking and publishing. Many of my new investors were able to get an early foothold in the crypto markets.

I’ve been told they would never have made the move without my help and guidance, and it’s wonderful to know that I’ve made a difference.

I’ve spent the last two decades learning how to take complex ideas and translate them into understandable language. It took me a while to fully understand the mechanisms behind Bitcoin. But with the knowledge I have I know that I can help others take advantage of this extraordinary new technology.

Whatever challenges I may encounter, once I’ve made a promise, I always deliver. Helping people win feels just like it’s me who’s winning. I have sought to find what I believe are the best investment opportunities that the world has to offer right now. After years of searching I have found a few rare sources of wisdom. Finding those nuggets early has been key to my success.

I have always sought to emulate those with greater wisdom and knowledge than I have. I’ve spent the last two decades learning how to distil complex ideas into simple words.

Here are statements by some of those I’ve helped to make incredible gains:

“Paul had been talking to me about Bitcoin since 2013. Though I was somewhat skeptical I was always curious.

Then, when my curiousity got the better of me, In 2019 I asked him to help me put €2,000 into Bitcoin and a couple of other small projects that he told me he was investing in.

18 months later my investment was worth €12,000! (600%) I took out profits of €4K and left the rest in play. I wouldn’t have dreamed of making such a move without Paul’s expert guidance.”

– Vince M.

“I hadn’t understood the growth potential of cryptocurrency until Paul laid it all out for me. With his guidance, I was able to make my first Bitcoin investment and four years later had a stake worth 4X the original amount.

Today Paul is helping me to learn more about alternative (“altcoin”) projects to invest in. He has always been so helpful and I can’t recommend him enough. “

– Donal F

“I’ve never invested in the Stock Market as it seems to only work out for the rich guys who can borrow at low interest rates. Paul explained to me how cryptocurrencies are a new asset class that are nothing like the stock market.

I became curious and asked him to tell me more. He walked me through his process and track record and eventually I asked him to help me to buy a range of 5 coins that he was also investing in. Within one year they had each grown between 4X to 10X their initial offering.

I had placed €1,750 which turned into around €8750, giving me a return of 500%. I eventually sold my initial stake to pay for a holiday, leaving 4X my initial investment on the table. When you have access to someone with Paul’s experience it seems wise to take advantage.”

– Mark L

Why did I create this course?

Well it all started with the great financial crash of 2008. I was an architect doing his best to make a living, running a practise.

Things were going pretty well. I had gone from doing domestic projects to running commercial jobs and business was good.

Then in late 2007 disaster struck the stock markets, property prices imploded and times became very tough for those involved in the construction sector.

Basically I got wiped out and I had to close my doors by mid 2008.

Before that point I couldn’t have cared less about the stock market; And I didn’t have much interaction with the banks other than keeping an eye on my bank account and occasionally taking out small business loans.

But when I saw how crazy the worlds of finance and banking had become I started to research those areas and was astonished at what I found.

I couldn’t believe how corrupt and incompetent these industries turned out to be.

It was around that time that I was introduced to this crazy new idea: Bitcoin. It seemed like a great idea to counter the insane practises of the finance and money-creation industries plus rampant inflation caused by government spending.

The only question in my mind was: Will this work? To be honest, my only thought was: Time will tell. My big fear was that it would fail technically, but the longer it keeps going the more reliable it gets.

I first invested in Bitcoin in 2013. It wasn’t much- A few hundred euro- All I could afford at the time; But I stayed with my little stash and saw it grow exponentially over the following years.

This brought me more and more confidence in the concept of decentralised cryptocurrencies.

Over the years I’ve been adding to my research and experience. I’ve listened to thousands of hours of expert speakers in both technical and market aspects of cryptocurrencies.

I’ve studied cryptocurrency programming and got to understand how it all works.

And now I’m putting all that time effort and experience at your service if you’ll let me.

So don’t delay. Click the button below and I’ll see you in the next Beginner to Winner course session.