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In the online marketing space, everybody loves the quick win. 

The Videos

This page contains the best of my videos, especially curated by myself. No bias there.

This video contains misinformation, shameless self-promotion and downright trickery. It is also highly entertaining and funny. I provide here some interesting ideas about how to actually make money; Theres the easy way which involves ripping people off and there’s the challenging way, which involves hard work and perseverence. Cryptocurrency investments require shrewd decisions. Follow me for more tips and tricks.

The majority of people on Planet Earth have little to no knowledge about cryptocurrencies- so to address this problem I’ve produced a new book entitled “The Human Side of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies”; The book starts out by telling the story of Satoshi Nakamoto, pseudonymous inventor of Bitcoin; It provides personal snapshots of the many innovators that have used Bitcoin’s “Blockchain” technology to create new solutions to the world’s monetary, contractual and transactional problems. The section of the book entitled “Champions of Crypto” talks about the crypto entrepreneurs- those oddballs who took extraordinary risks to explore new possibilities- using cryptocurrency techology to buy sell and invest; These mavericks habitually broke things, fixed things and bent the rules to redefine the monetary boundaries of our world. We take a look at fascinating characters like Max Keiser, the late John McAfee and many others- less-well-known but just as interesting. The book contains a whole technical section about how and where to get cryptos, where to store them and how to keep them safe. It explains very briefly what they are and how they work; This is not a very technical book but it contains enough detail to de-mystify crypto technology for the ordinary man or woman. We explore the economic and monetary problems that prompted the creation of this marvellous solution, and the pitfalls we aim to avoid.

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